The PGA Merchandising Show 2020- Pinnacle Award (Best in Show)

The PGA Merchandising Show 2020- Pinnacle Award (Best in Show)

The PGA Merchandising Show has come and gone and it was an amazing experience. There were so many great ideas and innovations from around the world in the Inventors Spotlight area and we are thrilled to have won the Pinnacle Award (Best in Show) for our bag. Thank you to the PGA Merchandise Show and to UIA for their support.

About the Awards:

Most Innovative Concept: This award recognizes a product (in development or finalized) that is truly unique in a product category.  From a sketch through a fully developed product, this category looks at the overall innovation of the concept and how it fits into the category.  Examples of this include:  Does the product represent an innovative approach to the benefit it provides the consumer? Does the product take a novel approach to its function and design? Does the product solve a consumer problem in a new or creative fashion?

Best Marketing Effort: Marketing an idea effectively can be a daunting challenge. This award showcases inventors who develop and deliver an irresistible sales pitch that makes prospects acutely aware of the value they will derive from their product or service, in a clear and quantifiable way.

The Pinnacle Award (Best in Show): The successful development of a product takes talent, knowledge, and tenacity. As such, the Pinnacle Award recognizes the broadest range of efforts by the inventor, be it from design, market research, sales, fulfillment, manufacturing and quality. This category is judged on the entire process. Judgements on this award are based on the attention paid by the inventor to all phases of ideation, invention and commercialization.

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    Looks amazing – I want one!

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