The future of golf bags

After 5 years of design, development and testing, we are immensely proud to showcase what we believe is the future of golf bags - A traditional looking golf bag that converts seamlessly into a Bag and Push Cart within seconds, freeing up all that extra space in your car, clearing out the clutter at home and giving you the freedom to choose between walking or riding the course. With interchangeable bag skins you can swap out the look, feel and function of your bag at will - whether you want a branded bag for a corporate golf day, a lightweight all weather bag when it rains or more pockets for the days you ride, the choice is yours.

Launching 2022

We are busy setting up our production facilities with a view to launching globally this year. Stay in touch below and be the first to know when we launch.

With our Patented product, we believe we've solved one of golfs biggest problems with our unique All-in-One Golf bag.  Whether you walk the course, drive, or want to do both... this is the bag for you!

Winner of the

Pinnacle Award "Best in Show"

at the 2020 PGA Merchandising Show



What people are saying

I've been a PGA Professional for 20 years and this is the best thing I've seen in Golf. Absolute game changer!

Arron Harding

I mostly ride a cart, but I often wish I could jump out and walk a few holes to get some exercise. Now it looks like I can. Amazing concept.

Paul Van Dorp

I can't wait. I've seen the evolution of the Logan Golf Bag from conception to working product. I'll be one of the first to buy one!

Graeme Tait