Our Mission

To improve the golfing experience for players around the world by reimagining the equipment required to play.

Less is more

Our Philosophy

Our "Less is More" philosophy permeates through everything we do, not only in our product solutions as we seek to reduce the equipment burden on golfers through equipment convergence and intelligent design, but also in the way we do things- less complexity, less wastage, less materials, less impact on the planet, less time on tasks, less problems....

Through this philosophy we see less becoming more- more innovation, more enjoyment on the golf course, more space in your car and at home, more solutions....

Our 4 "P"s

Not the typical 4 "P's you learned in marketing


People are at the heart of everything we do. From designing products that make our customers lives a little easier, to looking after our staff and ensuring everyone connected to Logan Golf is treated fairly and with respect.


We want to solve problems. By searching out inefficiencies and looking for problems to solve we are uniquely positioned to build better and more innovative products that improve the lives of our customers.


We seek to produce products that are innovative, unique, solve a problem for golfers and make playing this great game even better.  We have a strong focus on quality, functionality, useability, and desirability.


We strive to find ways to help the planet, both by looking at ways to reduce our footprint through improved manufacturing and supply chain efficiencies and also designing products that utilize recycled materials.

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