Our Journey

The beginning

The Logan golf journey started in 2016 when our founder, Andrew Logan, was invited to play in a corporate golf day. Reaching out to his friends for a lift, he was told that they couldn't fit him in as there were already two people in the car with bags and push-carts. On arriving at the Golf Club, Andrew soon realised that this problem affected all golfers. The car park was full of single occupant cars. Given the social nature of golf and the almost mandatory requirement to have a beer at the 19th after a round, he thought the lack of ridesharing was cause for concern. Sitting in his car watching golfers struggle with their equipment, unfolding complex pushcarts, strapping bags on in multiple places so they don't fall off, or watching golfers rush back to their cars with empty push carts having got to the clubhouse only to discover that their playing partner had booked a golf cart…... he thought there had to be a better way.

Researching options it soon became clear that no one had adequately solved the problem. Most of the solutions out there were cumbersome hybrids. Most still looked like a bag strapped to a push-cart, with visible wheels, legs and handles, or they required separate storage for detachable wheels which defeated the purpose of having a single piece of equipment. Andrew set about solving this problem eloquently and in 2016 he drew up a list of 8 design challenges.

The design Challenges

  • Must be a single, self-contained piece of equipment
  • Must look like a traditional golf bag
  • Has to convert into a 3 wheeled Push-Cart
  • All 3 wheels must be of standard size
  • No loss of useable space in bag
  • No increase in bag size for storage of push-cart parts or wheels
  • Must be easy to use
  • The look and feel of the bag must have broad appeal


The Process

What started out as an idea 7 years ago, with crude prototypes often stuck together with duct tape, grew into a formal design process with sophisticated CAD modelling and a team of mechanical engineers and product designers. The journey wasn't a straight line... it never is! We went back to the drawing board again and again... and again. We designed solutions that we felt confident in, tooled up parts and built countless prototypes. Often after robust testing, parts didn’t quite hit the mark, or there was a better way of solving that particular problem. In every instance we stuck to our design philosophy, "Less is More" and always had the 8 design challenges at the core of our solutions.

Components that may appear simplistic now, often had a complex journey of discovery as we attacked problems from multiple angles to determine if the "simple" part was in fact the best solution. Sometimes it was, often it wasn't. We took no shortcuts - Often the easy, or obvious solution wasn't the right one. It was tempting for example, to add additional strut supports to reduce the downward pressure on the handle, but that broke design challenge 7 as it was more parts golfers would have to assemble to deploy their carts.

We never settled for "satisfactory"- We developed a clever "set and forget" mechanism on one of our handle designs where golfers could set their preferred height using our custom divot tool/spanner and the handle would deploy to that angle/height each time, whilst still rotating back to its vertical position to be stowed (sounds easy-it wasn't)... but again, we felt there was a better way and we completely redesigned the handle with the offset latch mechanism we have now, achieving better stability, better useability and with less parts.

It hasn't been an easy ride, but the team is immensely proud of what we have achieved. We hope you enjoy our Bags as much as we have enjoyed developing them. This is just another step in our journey, we have some amazing concepts and ideas that we will be actively working on to continue innovating, not just with our Bags but across a range of products for the golf market.



Solving the challenges

Cutting up countless bags and disassembling numerous trundlers and push-carts Andrew started ticking off his design challenges one item at a time. The wheel storage was the biggest challenge and when he looked at the base of a bag as an option, the wheels were quite literally set in motion and the Logan Golf Bag was born

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