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Frustrated at having to transport so much equipment around to play golf, and witnessing golfers struggling with all their Push Carts and Bags in the parking lot, Andrew set about finding a solution to Golf's equipment burden and the wheels (quite literally) were set in motion.

Andrew wanted to do more than just combine a Bag and Cart. Combined Bags and Carts have been around for ages and are typically clunky and cumbersome, with visible wheels and cart mechanisms. Andrew set the challenge to have a traditional looking golf bag converted into a mobile All-in-one Bag and Cart without visible wheels, cart mechanisms or parts. He knew that storing the wheels out of sight without taking up usable space or adding to the overall dimensions of the Bag was the first obstacle to overcome. Using 3D printed parts and coins to represent the club handles, the Eureka moment came when he realised he could pass the handles of 5 clubs through a single spoke configuration of a standard PushCart wheel, thereby making storage at the base of a golf bag a variable option.

The first Prototype is built using an old Bag, cart parts and 3D printed wheels and base.

The first of multiple patent applications is filed into the NZPTO.

Logan Golf Ltd and Logan Golf IP Ltd Incorporated in New Zealand.

Andrew approaches ProCreate, a local Product Design company, with his idea. The first of many prototypes is designed and manufactured.

Early prototypes had a rigid handle cover and smaller axles/hubs on wheels

Multiple enhancements added to Version 3, a soft handle cover is introduced, cabled brake mechanism is enhanced, universal locking pin and accessories pin introduced. Front wheel locking pins added when stored away.

We visited production facilities in China to set up manufacturing with our chosen partners and to refine the skin designs.

US Patent Granted

PGA Merchandising Show

Logan Golf attended the 2020 PGA Show and showcased its Bag in the Inventors Spotlight area. We were awarded The Pinnacle Award “Best in Show” which was a huge achievement and validation for all our efforts.

Tooling up

Chinese Patent Granted

Testing and refining production quality Bags. We decided in February to redesign the handle latch mechanism which was a costly and time consuming decision which put us back in our production rollout plans but was absolutely the right call.  There was nothing wrong with the V3 handle latch but we felt we could improve and simplify it, making it more user friendly and easier for users to adjust the handle height on the go. The previous latch was a “set-and-forget” mechanism but required lots of intricate parts and a separate tool to adjust the height. The new handle latch is more sturdy and easier to use.

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